The Narrow Road Of Light

This spiritual and heartwarming adventure follows The Kerns family, a loving couple who have made their home on the ocean cliffs of New England. Robert, a handsome, softhearted man in his early forties met his wife Samantha, (Sam for short) in college where he mastered his trade as a computer analyst in which he is successful and very much in demand. He fell in love with Samantha’s easy going nature and her desire to someday be a teacher to underprivileged children. Just out of college, they married young and tried to start a family for years, but to no avail. Shattered and in need to share the love they have saved for a child, leads Samantha to a pet shop where a stray, they name Saydee, steals her heart.

Book Review:

“Take the magic carpet ride with the Kerns family! So uplifting, illuminating and filled with wonderful surprises. I loved it! Great for Valentine’s Day and just for sending to any one you love to inspire them. Congrats Miss Currie and Mr. Foote”

~ A.J. Levi

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